Arthouse Preschool's Curriculum and lesson planning align with WMELS (Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards).  An explanation of WMELS can be found below.

The development of the WMELS was guided by research in the field of early education and supported by content experts from institutions of higher education in the state. The WMELS provide a framework for families, professionals and policy makers to: 

Share a common language and responsibility for the well-being of children from birth to first grade;
Know and understand developmental expectations of young children;
Understand the connection of early childhood with K-12 educational experiences and lifelong learning.

The WMELS specify developmental expectations for children birth through entrance to first grade and address all the domains of a child’s learning and development including: 

Health and Physical Development;
Social and Emotional Development;
Language Development and Communication;
Approaches to Learning;
Cognition and General Knowledge.

The developmental domains are highly interrelated. Knowledge and skills developed in one area of development impact the acquisition of knowledge and skills in other areas of development. Each domain is divided into sub-domains, which include developmental expectations, program standards, performance standards, and a developmental continuum, along with samples of children's behavior and samples of adult strategies.

The WMELS are intended to:

Improve the quality of all early learning environments;
Guide professional development activities and investments;
Inform educators and caregivers in their decisions regarding approaches to curriculum development across all early learning environments;
Guide communities as they determine local benchmarks at the district level. The local benchmarks assist to make decisions regarding curriculum and assessment that will determine instruction, interactions and activities.

The WMELS have been aligned with the Common Core State Standard.

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