All children enrolled in Arthouse preschool receive large group music lessons each week. Children are encouraged to recognize sound, pitch and rhythm within various music selections and their environment. Music lessons are provided in a nurturing environment and encompass various genres, cultures, and instruments. Children are provided opportunities to perform, use creative movement, play instruments and sing. During the school year the children perform in music programs held at a different location outside of Arthouse Preschool.

All children enrolled in Arthouse Preschool are provided with art, music, and Spanish lessons from a licensed teacher.  During art lessons, children are guided and encouraged to experience art creation and explore their creative ideas.  When possible the art lessons and/or collaborative art projects are planned in conjunction with the preschool academic curriculum. Early childhood academic goals are also addressed within each art lesson. The artwork of the children is represented in art shows held at Arthouse Preschool and within the Dane County Area.

Arthouse Preschool reflects an arts-based approach to education.  Each classroom incorporates art, music, and Spanish to nurture and strengthen all areas of your child’s development. Small group and large group instruction is also used to make sure each child is ready for his or her kindergarten experience. Arthouse Preschool also provides a developmentally appropriate program for children in a safe and creative atmosphere through child/teacher initiated activities. The teachers offer hands-on opportunities for discovery, exploration, and experimentation through play and structured activities.​

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