Art House


Ocean Room

The ocean room is for 1 to 2 year old children. We have four toddlers to one teacher/caregiver in this classroom. This caregiver works a 4 day a week 10 hour a day schedule. This also allows for better communication between teacher and parent. The children also get to maintain their own schedules. They are exposed to art and music through out the day with play.

Sky Room

The sky room is for children 6 weeks old through 1 year old. The infants get to maintain their own schedules in this room. It is staffed with one consistant caregiver/teacher that work a ten hour day. This schedule is easier on parents, child, and caregiver because the teacher is there when they drop off in the morning and will also be there when the child is picked up at the end of the day. Parents are asked to bring bottles, formula/breastmilk, and food when the child is old enought to start eating solid foods. Parents are also asked to bring in wipes and diapers (cloth or disposable).